July 12, 2021

How to install Google Analytics to WordPress: 2 Methods + list of Plugins

Having an impressive website is the first step in marketing your brand or business. However, if you want to optimize its potential, you will need an effective analytics system to track the number of site visitors and to obtain other key information.

If you have a WordPress website, sadly you do not have a built-in analytics tool and you will need to install a good one, such as Google Analytics (which, incidentally, is completely free).

How Can I Add Google Analytics to My WordPress Site?
You can install Google Analytics in two ways if you have a WordPress site:

Installing the Google Analytics Plugin, or manually adding Google Analytics to WordPress.

Installing the Google Analytics Plugin.

The Google Analytics plugin allows your website to be connected without having to affect the code.

To install the plugin, you will need to give permission for it to use the data from your Google Analytics account.

To get started, you’ll need to sign in to your Google account and confirm that you own your WordPress site. A Search Console account will then be set up, enabling you to connect to the Analytics function.

Once you have enabled the plugin’s permission, it can start analyzing your data. We recommend waiting a few days for it to show you meaningful numbers.

Manually adding Google Analytics.

If you would prefer manually adding the WordPress plugin, you will need to sign in to Google Analytics with your Google account. You’ll need provide your WordPress site’s basic information and complete the form. When this is done, you will have access to your dashboard. From there, you can connect your website and choose which interactions you want to be tracked.

After clicking on “Create Stream”, you can add in your tagging instructions so that your website can be connected to the platform.

If you have chosen “Global Site Tag”, you will then need to copy and paste the custom code snippet that appears and add it to your site.

Analytics for WordPress: The Best Plugins.

Looking for the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics? Below are our top recommendations:

  • Analytify
    This popular WordPress plugin allows you to add Google Analytics in next to no time and provides traffic numbers, bounce rates, statistics by type of device and excellent e-commerce tracking.
  • Site Kit
    Site Kit is a Google plugin that allows you to connect your WordPress site with a variety of Google features. This is the perfect plugin for the Google fan who wants page loading speed information, a tag manager, in-depth analytics and seamless integration.
  • Beehive Analytics
    A free offering from WPMU DEV, Beehive Analytics boasts clear data on user trends, bounce rates, average time spent on each page, most visited website pages and more. Beehive Analytics is considered as one of the most powerful plugins and is a great choice if you want all the basic features.
  • MonsterInsights
    Another well-regarded plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights which is free to use for its basic functionality.
    It is very easy to use and provides you with useful data that lets you see how many page views you have, the average time users spend per page, and more.

In case you need support in adding the Google Analytics to your wordpress website and receive unlimited support, you can choose one of our WordPress customer service plans. Our CodaStudio team take care of everything on your website from backup to custom functionality.

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