January 10, 2017

Finding Free Stock Images for Personal and Business Use

Images not only tell stories, they invoke emotion, and emotion leads to more deeply established memories. As business owners we’re working hard to get our brands noticed and stay remembered and higher quality images help us look more credible and be more memorable to our customers.

“As business owners we’re working hard to get our brands noticed and stay remembered.”

This doesn’t mean you need to higher a professional photographer or pay a fortune for stock footage either.  More and more photographers are placing their images in the Creative Commons licensing category to make their pictures widely available and best yet, FREE.

Many times when using “free” images you need to read the fine print. For instance, maybe you can use an image but need to attribute the author, or you can use images for personal but not business use. Not so with our recommendations; with these sites you can modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications.

So go find some stunning landscape or adorable cat photos. Here is our list of 5 royalty-free stock image sites to make your business pop with professional photography.

Have other sites you use? Don’t be greedy, share the love! Let us know what you’ve found and how it differs from what we have here.

About the author

Ivan is a CodaStudio lead wordpress developer. He also manages a web design company at Elivan Studio. He likes to sneak in a few games of World of Tanks, and is a huge Harry Potter movie fan.

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